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Stressed_Out_CaregiverWorking caregivers are more prone to workplace stress because of the many roles they must take on in life: as employee, spouse, sibling, friend, and caregiver! Most caregivers work beyond the 9 to 5 schedules, often having to rush home to help prepare dinner and help the kids with homework, while also taking care of a loved one (care recipient). The stress and anxiety caused by endless tasks and impossible deadlines in a high-speed, high-tech world has made caregivers' lives a complex web to live.

Stress is a combination of fatigue, restlessness, depression, and over-focusing, much like an over-all gloominess that is a consequence of overwork and other domestic and personal issues that life puts on our plate. The difficulty of trying to balance time between work and the home easily becomes a heavy burden of stress that makes coping extremely difficult.

There is hope for over-stressed caregivers. Below are some practical ways for caregivers to reduce and manage work-related stress.

1. Use photos of relaxing scenes. It could be a poster or small painting with beautiful scenery. It could also be a background or screen saver on your computer or phone. A picture speaks a thousand words and can help calm you as well as serve as a reminder to slow down, take a deep breath, and calm down.

2. Prioritize. Plan to get your most important work done first thing during the day. This way, no  matter what comes up, you've completed the most pertinent tasks. Don't let things like junk email waste your time and evaluate how much time you are spending on social media. Take control of your time so that you can get more done or simply take a break.


3. Time out. Take a breather for a short walk, to meditate, or take a power nap. Do not surf the web, make this strictly a time out for yourself to have some down-time, to renew your energy and refocus your thoughts.

4. A plant can also be a good stress relief. Studies have shown that looking at something green, like a plant, helps soothe your eyes after staring at a computer all day or after reading for long periods of time.

 5. Rearrange & de-clutter your workstation. Make your work area as comfortable as possible. Surround yourself with comforting items such as a family photo, a photo of your pet, a special coffee cup, or a special figurine. Clutter also adds more stress. Take a little time each day to throw away items that you no longer need and organize the items that you do need. Whether you realize it or not, your environment can greatly impact the way you feel.

As with life, there are things at work that are in our control while others are beyond our control. By getting a handle on the stress that you can eliminate, you will be better prepared for the stress that you can't. Coping will become easier and will slowly find it's way into your personal life as well.


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