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Tips To Age at Home Safely

Children only want the best for their parents, one of which is to age at home safely. You've surveyed the premises, asked the important questions, moved the master bedroom downstairs and done all the prep for your parent to grow old safely in the comfort of their own home. Now What? Plan can change, health can go amok. Below is a system of check-ins that doesn't apeear as though you are hovering:

1. Create Expectations. Agree together that is important to regularly re-assess the situation. This will enable you, mom, and dad to work as team to determine what IS working and what might need a little fine-tuning and/or changed to age at home safely. This in-home assessment will include how the their home is being kept up, ensuring their medications are being taken as prescribed, and will provide an opportunity to observe their driving skills.

You may want to begin now to locate and interview other forms of transportation so that you will be prepared when the time comes to put away the car keys.

2. Use Technology. Establish ways that you can check on them throughout the day as well as at night. Discuss with mom and dad the pros and cons of using and/or not using a web/nanny cam. Also discuss the use of a monitoring system for falls as well as other emergencies to ensure they will age at home safely. It might be necessary for you to draw a picture (so-to-speak) for your loved ones of the potential emergencies that could arise. You might be surprised to realize that mom and dad have not thought their situation through thoroughly.

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Also consider daily check-in calls or visits from neighbors or other people who will stop by to say hello. You might consider working with a Nurse Geriatric Care Manager to assist with the formation of a team, which will also ensure the team [and the plan] is operating smoothly in your absence.

3.  Make Food Prep Easier. In some areas you might find "Meals on Wheels" is available. There are also other agencies that make house calls. You can stop by frequently, or hire a Geriatric Care Manager to follow up in your absence, to see that they are eating, taking their meds, and are functioning well.

4. Create a Care Team. Make a list of "helpers" [nearby-neighbors, relatives, and family] to assist with check-ups and/or emergencies to ensure your plan runs smoothly. Don't forget to incorporate siblings, mature neices/nephews, mature grandchildren,  church friends, volunteers, community outreach and elder care agencies into your Care Team. Finally, as you put your team together to ensure mom and dad age at home safely, determine which team members will be available to run errands. [Note: purchase a gift card for the team member to utilize for purchases and ask for the receipts, and the card, to be returned to a safe keeping place in the home.]

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