Caregiver Mentor Program

The Caregiver Mentor Program

Includes The Coaching For Caregivers Support Group




Four one hour 1-to-1 private, personalized sessions each month with Lori to answer your questions to help you develop an in-depth, personalized plan for your loved one's needs.

Skills For Success

  • Self Care: The prerequisite to your loved one's care - Your physical, intellectual, and spiritual wellness
  • The Traits of a Disciplined Thinker: Reason, Humility, Courage, Integrity, Perseverance, and Fair Mindedness
  • Develop A Positive Attitude: Create a positive self-image, Recognize your abilities, Identify realistic expectations
  • Develop a Time-Management Plan: Analyze time commitments, Know yourself, Clarify the goals, Set priorities, Discipline yourself
  • Develop Effective Communication: Communication methods, Influences on communication, Boundaries, Nurse-Caregiver communication Communication with the healthcare team, Communicating with yourself
  • Stress & Anxiety Management: Adaptation, Coping, Effects of illness, Effects of change, Personal stress-management approaches
  • Caring For Your Loved One: Nutrition, Weight loss, Pain management, Infection control, Dehydration, Hygiene, Safety, Medication basics

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I look forward to helping make your elder care decisions easier as we develop a personalized plan for your loved one's needs!

I'm honored that YOU are allowing me to become a part of your team to strengthen your skills and build your knowledge as you become the leader of your loved one's care!

Schedule a FREE Consultation prior to enrollment - simply CONTACT US or send an email to (with the Subject Line: Free Consultation).

Lori Greenhill RN BSN



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