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Do you need a Care Plan for your agency? We have constructed care plans for in-home care, private home care provider, adult day care, and group home needs. Each page is universal and can be mixed and matched for every client in your care.

Primary Care Plan: This is the foundation (the first building block) for each client's care plan (Includes: Self Care Deficit (ADL's), IADL Deficit, Home Management Deficit, Potential for Medication Noncompliance, Lowered Mobility,Potential For Pain, Poor Endurance/Fatigue, Potential For Injury: High Risk For Falls AND The Discharge Plan).

Supplemental Care Plans are for the client's specific diagnoses (CHF (congestive heart failure), COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), GERD (gastro-esophageal reflux disease) etc.... See the drop down menu for a complete list.

Each Supplemental Care Plan contains several applicable modules per disease process.

Nursing Students will find the Care Plans quite useful too!

If needed, CSOA's nurses will create a Personalized Care Plan per your specific instructions. Customization includes company logo upon request. Call Today for a FREE Estimate. 706-829-2032

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