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Safety Tips for Seniors and Caregivers

gcmcollageWith  in-home care growing in popularity and seniors living longer, it is important to make sure that you and your loved one are aware of the potential dangers in the home so that you can prepare accordingly.

1. General In-Home Safety

  • Consider a medic alert or a buddy system
  • Keep walkways clutter free and well-lit
  • Avoid using slippery wax on floorsadvocate
  • Ensure shoes fit properly with skid-proof soles
  • Provide sturdy rails for stairs inside and outside of the home
  • Ensure staircase steps have a non-slip surface
  • Purchase a chairlift to navigate stairs inside
  • Ensure walkways and rooms are well-lit
  • Use non-glare 100 watt or greater incandescent bulbs
  • Remove tripping hazards such as throw rugs or extension cords

2.  Bathroom Safety

  • Leave a light on in the bathroom at night
  • Keep floors clean, dry and clutter-free
  • Use grab-bars in the tub, shower, and by the toilet
  • Label the hot and cold faucets
  • Use door locks that can be opened from both sides
  • Turn water heater to 120 degrees F or below to prevent burns
  • Skid-proof the bottom of the tubvisiting-nurse-with-senior-lg
  • Ensure bath mat has a non-slip bottom
  • Bathe only when help is available

3. Kitchen Safety

  • Store sharp knives in a rack
  • Illuminate work areas
  • Use a kettle with an automatic shut-off
  • Store heavier objects at waist level
  • Store hazardous items separate from food
  • Label "on" and "off" positions on appliances
  • Avoid wearing long, loose clothing when cooking
  • Ensure food is rotated regularly. Check expiration dates

4. Medication Safety

  • Ensure medication is clearly labeled
  • Read medication labels in well-lit areas
  • Get help to set up medications in a labeled pill-box
  • Have medications dispensed in a bubble pack
  • Review medications with your physician regularly
  • Review medications with your pharmacist as well
  • Do not borrow medication from others
  • Ensure new medications are safe to take with your current medications
  • Check with your physician and/or pharmacist before mixing over-the-counter drugs with your prescription drugs

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