Lori offers a variety of resources for YOUR specialized needs.

Resources for:


Care Managers

Patient Education


What is a:

Care Manager

Healthcare Consultant

Geriatric Care Manager


Why use a Registered a Nurse?   With your health being the heart of the matter, it is critical to have a medical professional that understands how each disease process will impact the care that you need now and in the future.


Need A Speaker for:Public Speaking


Environmental Health & Impacts

Employee Assistance Program: Working Caregivers

Leadership: Striving To Shine


Need A Writer: (Medical & Non-medical)

Freelance Experience & Expertise (topics)

Investigative Research

Writing Samples


FREE Documents & Information


Lori will be glad to help you any way that she can. 

Please call us at (706) 829-2032, email us at, or use the contact page to start the conversation about how Lori can deliver INDIVIDUALIZED HELP & SOLUTIONS to meet your needs.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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