Help Save Time & Money

Help Attorneys Save Time & Money

1. Would you like to have someone to with medical knowledge to answer a few simple questions?

2. Do you need someone to explain a complex disease process with the associated lab and test results?

3. Would you like advice about the specific medical records or medical experts to save money?

4. Would having a single resource a phone call away help you save time when putting the pieces of your case together?

As a nurse and elder care adviser, Lori works with attorneys in wrongful death, medical malpractice, and long term care litigation as well as will caveats.


  • Simply have a few questions and need someone with medical experience to answer…
  • Need someone to organize the massive amount of records that just showed up…
  • Simply need someone with medical experience to review a case…
  • Have a complex case that you wish you understood better…
  • Feel like your resources are stretched thin between the “experts” and “consultants” working on your case…
  • Need advice on the precise records to request or the best “expert” for your case
  • Need help to locate your “expert” for your case…
  • Find yourself contemplating a way to save money…

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, call Lori for a FREE consultation TODAY.

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Lori Greenhill, RN, BSN, LNC

Previous President of the Greater Augusta Chapter of the AALNC

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