Coaching For Caregivers Support Group

Coaching For Caregivers Support Group

Lori Greenhill RN BSN - THE Caregiver Coach - specializes in HELPING caregivers (families) FIND the answers they are searching for to HELP their loved one and BE PREPARED for whatever comes next.... HELPING YOU to tackle life's challenges!

You are in the right place if you are a caregiver (the decision maker) and are looking for a support group without having to leave home! 

Is this YOU

  • Are you in a 24/7 role...
  • Do you often feel isolated & overwhelmed...
  • Do you have very little time for yourself...
  • Are you just tired and wish you had someone to talk to...
  • You know a support group would help but don't have time to participate...

Coaching for Caregivers is an online Support Group from the Comfort of Home.

1. Do you want to connect with other caregivers that understand exactly how you feel?

2. Would you welcome having a comfortable place to share and compare stories with other caregivers while also learning from others' tried-and-true success stories?

3. Do you need someone with medical experience to answer your questions or to help plan for your loved one's care now and in the future?

4. Have you been unable to join a support group due to your role as a caregiver being a 24/7 role?

5. Are you feeling alone, emotionally drained, and just don't know what else to do?

6. Would you welcome HELP to take care of YOU to HELP take care of your loved one?

This is the place for you if  you are ready to get support from others who understand exactly how you feel, learn from the tried-and-true success stories of others, and would welcome HELP to take care of you (the caregiver) to HELP take care of your loved one!


Caregiver support includes:

  • Two Monthly Group Calls - This is the time each member of the group will be included in one call to share and compare personal stories,ask questions,  and also get answers, solutions, and feedback from a registered nurse.
  • 20% Members-Only Discount - Private, personalized 1-to-1 Mentor Session with Lori on "as-wanted, as-needed" basis at a significant savings any time you need personalized support/help.
  • Caregiver Tools - Documents and information to help provide you with the knowledge and tools to make your job easier, helping you to increase your knowledge of your loved one's condition and to become a skilled communicator with the healthcare providers.
  • Private Facebook Group - A place to ask and answer questions, get advice, insights, and feedback from me and your fellow support group members 24/7 in private.

The Caregiver Support Group is a subscription based group. This means it can go as long as you want or need it to. Your subscription will automatically renew each month until it is cancelled.  In comparison to the Call Line,  the savings and value in this support group are significant.


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Imagine what your life will look like....

1. You will have a better understanding of your loved one's disease process to help you know exactly how to approach their needs.

2. You will have an increased  peace of mind as your caregiver worries fade away.

3. You will trust yourself more and be prepared for each medical appointment and procedure.

4. You will be a more effective communicator and advocate for your loved one.

5.  You will  be more confident and inspired to coordinate the medical care, being the hub of communication among the various healthcare providers who usually don't communicate between each other.

You are in the right place if  you are ready to tackle life's challenges and implement a winning game plan for your loved one?


Join using the link below. I look forward to helping make your elder care decisions easier as we develop a personalized plan for your loved one's needs! 

You are welcome to schedule a FREE Consultation prior to enrollment - simply send an email to (with the Subject Line: Free Consultation).

Lori Greenhill RN BSN


Monthly Enrollment in Coaching For Caregivers $250/month (Cancel any time)

Yearly Enrollment in Coaching For Caregiver $2,500/year (Get a full 12 months when you purchase 10)


Enroll Now - The Coaching For Caregivers Support Group...


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