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Choosing A Facility For A Loved One

Navigating healthcare, to include choosing a facility for a loved one,  can feel like being in a maze with no directions or map. There are resources available to help families ensure their loved one receives optimal care. It definitely takes a team effort on the part of the entire family, but locating the right care in the right facility is obtainable!

It's imperative that families take time to educate themselves on the type of care each facility can legally offer when choosing a facility. Looking into a facility's state inspection results, to include the number of complaints filed and the associated outcome is also vital when choosing a facility. This knowledge can be obtained from online research or hiring a Nurse Care Manager to help/assist with making informed decision to ensure your loved one receives optimal care! Families also need to vigilant by visiting their loved one often, to include unscheduled visits to observe the facility’s day to day activities. It is a good idea to visit many facilities unannounced prior to determining the best accommodations for your loved one!

Different types of facilities include (and vary from state to state):

  • Independent Living or Boarding Homes: These types of facilities currently are not regulated by the state of Georgia. The client must be completely independent. The facility usually does offer meals so that the client does not have to cook for themselves.
  • Personal Care Home ( 6 beds or less): Care is provided in a residential type setting. No skilled or hands-on care, such as dressing changes, checking a blood sugar, and/or administering medication. is permitted. Only assistance with a blood sugar check or taking medications should be provided. These types of facilities provide caregivers for 24/7 oversight, supervision and assistance to clients. However, the caregivers typically have no license, such as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) or Nurse (RN or LPN), and their experience providing care can vary greatly.
  • Group Home (7 or more beds): Care is provided under the same parameters as a Personal Care Home. (See list above) However, please note that if a group home or assisted living offers “Memory Care” services or a “Memory Care” unit, additional regulations related to client care is required to be followed in the state of Georgia.
  • Assisted Living: Up until July 2012, facilities with “assisted living” in their name were also licensed and regulated as a personal care home. After July 2012, the state of Georgia implemented specific licensing and regulations for these types of facilities. Additionally, if a facility does not hold an Assisted Living License, they are required to remove “assisted living” from their name.  Assisted Living facilities have an on-site nurse, typically an LPN, CNA’s, and Medication Tech’s. However, these facilities are limited in the types of hands-on, skilled care that they can provide.
  • Nursing Home: In a nursing home, clients must meet a certain level of care (LOC) in order for Medicare, Medicaid, or private insurance to pay for the in-patient stay. This type of facility employs RN’s, LPN’s, and CNA’s as well as other support staff. Of course in a nursing home skilled, hands-on care and medication administration is offered.


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