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March1HeadShot.12.31.12Lori Greenhill RN BSN is a nurse consultant, helping families with elder care decisions. Lori recognizes that caregivers are in a 24/7 role, often feel isolated, and have very little time for themselves to renew their emotional and physical energy. Thus, Coaching For Caregivers Online Support Group and The Caregiver Mentor Program began for caregivers to ask questions, share stories, and develop an extended family without having to leave home. More information and free resources are available on the website. lorigreenhill.com 

To maximize your return on relationships you need to know everything you can about the people in your network and by leveraging that knowledge you will become a powerful connector of people.  Read more »

12 Effective Ways To Locate Prospects

Businesswoman Writing on White Board and Businessman at TablePROFESSIONAL PRESENTATION

Marketing and Positioning Yourself

12 Effective Ways To Locate Prospects

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Characteristics Of A Successful Consultant 

What It Takes To Succeed

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7 Types of LNC Cases


Creating Your Role and Meeting Your Goals

7 Types of LNC Cases  Read more »

Good documentation can help you defend yourself in a malpractice lawsuit, as well as a being a huge factor in keeping you out of court. It is imperative to ensure  documentation is complete, correct, and timely. If not, it could be your demise, being used against you in a lawsuit. Read more »

networkNot every subcontractor will possess each of the characteristics of a successful contractor,but each person should bring strong, positive characteristics that will complement the team, strengthening the team as a whole. Read more »

Pat-Iyer85x1101Research by Pat Iyer has provided some surprising information about the functions of legal nurse consultants and paralegals. Data was collected from paralegals, legal nurse consultants (LNCs) and attorneys in order to define the most common activities performed by paralegals and legal nurse consultants. The 76 paralegals ranged from being students to those with 19 years of experience. The legal nurse consultants (27 in number) had 0-9 years of experience as LNCs. The perceptions of 16 attorneys who had 1-29 years of experience were also elicited. Each person was asked to review a list of functions and to indicate if each function was an activity which a paralegal or legal nurse consultant (or both) could perform. Read more »

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