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March1HeadShot.12.31.12Lori Greenhill RN BSN is a nurse consultant, helping families with elder care decisions. Lori recognizes that caregivers are in a 24/7 role, often feel isolated, and have very little time for themselves to renew their emotional and physical energy. Thus, Coaching For Caregivers Online Support Group and The Caregiver Mentor Program began for caregivers to ask questions, share stories, and develop an extended family without having to leave home. More information and free resources are available on the website. lorigreenhill.com 

Better Leads For Today

Better Leads For Today

Directory (1)Often people ask if they should spend time and money to be listed in directories and/or trade show books.

Does anyone recall the Yellow Pages? Their tagline was, "Let Your Fingers Do the Walking." In the 1960's and 1970's it was more practical to use the Yellow Pages and a rotary phone  versus going to every store or office to get your questions answered. During the Yellow Pages Era, as you walked from store, it was also quite common to see window stickers or promotional banners which was also found in the Yellow Pages.

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Nursing Malpractice: Same Day Surgery

A middle aged woman had an cholecystectomy via  outpatient surgery. Her postoperative vomiting and pain were controlled before leaving the post-op/recovery area. After  her arrival home, she began experiencing increased pain and vomiting, at which she time called the triage nurse.  Despite her additional complaints of weakness and increased fatigue, it appeared to the nurse that these symptoms may have been related to the surgery, with the nurse discounting the significance of the complaints and advising the patient  to "wait and see".

Despite the nurse's decision support tool including "weakness" and "fatigue" as red flags, the nurse did not utilize the support tool appropriately, nor did she err on the side of caution which ultimately led to the patient's death related to surgical complications. Although, pain and vomiting are common complaints following abdominal surgery, the patient should have been considered high risk due to the surgery being the same day, as well as the patient getting sicker while at home.

How can an institution avoid this type of outcome, thus decreasing their liability?

1. The initial phone call must be handled by qualified people. Clerical personnel typically answer the calls, passing the information onto the appropriate person not realizing the patient's risks and the urgency in which the situation must be dealt with.

2. It is imperative to provide adequate staffing to handle phone calls.  Poor staffing  may overtax the critical thinking skills of a nurse, setting him or her up to fail.

3. Provide specialized training to triage personnel. Nurses who take calls from patients should be educated to recognize the potential significance of patient complaints and to provide the appropriate referral. Same day surgery nurses must be aware of the potential postoperative complications and direct the caller appropriately.
4. Provide policies and procedures. Decision support tools should be provided, reviewed, and approved by medical, nursing, and administrative personnel. Nurses should be taught how to use them, but also be free to use clinical judgment and critical thinking.

To maximize your return on relationships you need to know everything you can about the people in your network and by leveraging that knowledge you will become a powerful connector of people.  Read more »

12 Effective Ways To Locate Prospects

Businesswoman Writing on White Board and Businessman at TablePROFESSIONAL PRESENTATION

Marketing and Positioning Yourself

12 Effective Ways To Locate Prospects

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Characteristics Of A Successful Consultant 

What It Takes To Succeed

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7 Types of LNC Cases


Creating Your Role and Meeting Your Goals

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Questioning a Doctor’s Order

It is your right—and your responsibility— to question any order that you think may be inappropriate. While looking out for your patients' best interests, never shrug off a dubious order, trusting that “the physician knows best.” Staying quiet could be viewed as negligence, leaving you, your nursing program (if you are a student) and the facility vulnerable to a malpractice charge. During the course of a hectic day it's human nature that you may not always trust your judgment, but following through on your concerns will help you gain confidence in your competence and professionalism, as well as protect you against liability. Read more »

Avoid Haunting Documentation

The words you choose in charting today could come back to haunt you tomorrow. Some-times, seemingly harmless bits of information you write in a patient's medical record can hurt you in a lawsuit. Read more »

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