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LPM408-500x500Caregiver & care recipient education is the cornerstone of fall prevention. A nurse can help caregivers and their care recipient focus on their beliefs and misconceptions about falling to prevent future falls.

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november-is-caregiver-awareness-monthCaregivers are Care Managers. Caregivers are the decision-makers and coordinators of the care for their loved one. During this process, caregivers  face a unique set of challenges with many of them cropping up unexpectedly.

The vision of caregivers and the goal of care managers is to decrease family stress and increase quality of life. Caregivers, as the acting care manager, are the specialists in this equation. The caregiver sees their loved one's conditions every day and knows better than anyone else what their loved one's needs truly are!

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Working Caregivers Stress

Working Caregivers Stress

Stressed_Out_CaregiverWorking caregivers are more prone to workplace stress because of the many roles they must take on in life: as employee, spouse, sibling, friend, and caregiver! Most caregivers work beyond the 9 to 5 schedules, often having to rush home to help prepare dinner and help the kids with homework, while also taking care of a loved one (care recipient). The stress and anxiety caused by endless tasks and impossible deadlines in a high-speed, high-tech world has made caregivers' lives a complex web to live.

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Safety Tips for Seniors and Caregivers

gcmcollageWith  in-home care growing in popularity and seniors living longer, it is important to make sure that you and your loved one are aware of the potential dangers in the home so that you can prepare accordingly.

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Caregiver Theft - A Family's Worst Fear

A family in Cincinnati hired a caregiver to help care for their elderly father and learned too late that their worst fear had become a reality. the caregiver had robbed their father blind!

Caregiver theft is one of the worst fears of families in need of a caregiver to help care for an aging loved one. This story may help other families learn how to protect themselves and their family members from caregiver theft.

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Choosing A Facility For A Loved One

Navigating healthcare, to include choosing a facility for a loved one,  can feel like being in a maze with no directions or map. There are resources available to help families ensure their loved one receives optimal care. It definitely takes a team effort on the part of the entire family, but locating the right care in the right facility is obtainable!

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RosewoodManorA Buried Body Behind Assisted Living Facility

The owner of Rosewood Manor, an assisted living facility in Nicholls, GA, surrendered her personal care home license after a body was found buried in a shed on the property.

After receiving a tip, investigators went to the facility to question the caregiver. The caregiver admitted there was a body buried in a shed. The caregiver was arrested and denied bond.

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Concierge Services/Nurses of Augusta specializes in HELPING caregivers (families) FIND the answers they are searching for to HELP their loved one and to BE PREPARED for whatever comes next... HELPING YOU to tackle life's challenges!

Are YOU the caregiver (the decision-maker) for your mom, dad, or loved one? 

  • You feel overwhelmed with no one to turn to for answers or help...
  • You want to help but don't know the right thing to do...
  • You're doing everything you can but things are spiraling out of control...
  • You want the best for your loved one but aren't sure quite how to get there...
  • You wish there was someone you could just pick up the phone and call...

You are in the right place if you are a caregiver - the one making the decisions & coordinating the care for your loved one - are ready to tackle life's challenges and implement a winning game plan for your love one!

Lori Greenhill, a Registered Nurse, (just like a concierge) is only a phone call away...

SPEAK TO Lori Greenhill RN - The Caregiver Coach

You are i the right place if  you would welcome support from others who understand exactly how you feel AND have a Caregiver Coach to HELP you tackle the challenges and hurdles of caregiving to implement a winning game plan for yourself AND for your loved one!






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 Lori Greenhill RN BSN - THE Caregiver Coach specializes in HELPING caregivers (families) find the answers they are searching for to HELP their loved one and to be BE PREPARED for whatever comes next.....  If you are a caregiver - the one making the decisions & coordinating the care for your loved one - just like a concierge, Lori is only a phone call away!

More information and FREE resources are available on the website. lorigreenhill.com 



Should You Sign a Nursing Home Admission Agreement?

Admitting a loved one to a nursing home can be very stressful. In addition to dealing with a sick family member and managing all the details involved with the move, you must decide whether to sign all the papers the nursing home is giving you. Nursing home admission agreements can be complicated and confusing, so what do you do? Read more »

Slideshow - When A Love One Has Alzheimer's Disease 


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Lori Greenhill RN BSN is a nurse consultant, helping families with elder care decisions. Lori recognizes that caregivers are in a 24/7 role, often feel isolated, and have very little time for themselves to renew their emotional and physical energy. Thus, Coaching For Caregivers Online Support Group and The Caregiver Mentor Program began for caregivers to ask questions, share stories, and develop an extended family without having to leave home. More information and free resources are available on the website. lorigreenhill.com


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