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november-is-caregiver-awareness-monthCaregivers are Care Managers. Caregivers are the decision-makers and coordinators of the care for their loved one. During this process, caregivers  face a unique set of challenges with many of them cropping up unexpectedly.

The vision of caregivers and the goal of care managers is to decrease family stress and increase quality of life. Caregivers, as the acting care manager, are the specialists in this equation. The caregiver sees their loved one's conditions every day and knows better than anyone else what their loved one's needs truly are!

While caregivers could hire a  Care Manager, this often is very expensive and the result may or may not be the caregiver's desired outcome. Thus, many family members have taken on the role of a caregiver for their loved one.

Are you a family member that has taken on the role of a caregiver? Is this YOU...

  • Sometimes I feel overwhelmed and would like to have someone to turn to for answers caregiving-helpor help.
  • I want to help, but I am not sure of the right thing to do.
  • I am doing everything I can but there are times that things feel like they are spiraling out of control.
  • I want what is best for my loved one, but I am not quite sure how to get there.
  • I wish there was someone that I could just pick up the phone and call.

With the aging population increasing at a quick rate, many agencies have begun offering services like Geriatric Care Management, Case Management, Coaching, etc. by various types of professions such as social workers, psychologists, certified senior specialists, etc.

The question is, does the agency or individual have the medical knowledge to understand the complexities of  your loved one's medical condition? If not, how can he/she have the ability to understand your loved one's medical needs, to include understanding their future needs?

Do YOU not agree that having a Caregiver Coach with a nursing degree or medical background would be a beneficial component to

  • Help YOU tackle life's challenges as a caregiver
  • Help YOU implement a winning game plan for your loved one's needs?
  • Help YOU learn about the medical conditions to make the best decisions?
  • Help YOU sharpen your skills to coordinate your loved one's care and anticipate their future needs?

If you would like to learn more about tackling life's challenges and implementing a winning game plan for your loved one's care .... There are FREE tools and resources available on our website - ConciergeNursesOfAugusta.com


Lori Greenhill RN BSN - THE Caregiver Coach specializes in HELPING caregivers ( families) find the answers they are searching for to HELP their loved one and to be BE PREPARED for whatever comes next.....  If you are a caregiver - the one making the decisions & coordinating the care for your loved one - just like a concierge, Lori is only a phone call away!

Are you ready to tackle life's challenges and implement a winning game plan for your loved one?

Call Now - Speak to Lori Greenhill RN - THE Caregiver Coach

Learn More - Coaching For Caregivers Online Support Group 

More information and FREE resources are available on the website. lorigreenhill.com 



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