Patient Education

CSOA Registered Nurses will help you:

  • Review Your Medical Records
  • Understand Your Health
  • Disease Management
  • Establish Successful Medical Communication
  • Obtain the Correct Diagnosis and Treatment
  • Evaluate Health Information on the Internet
  • Stay Safe in the Hospital
  • Manage Your Medical Records
  • Develop a Personalized Treatment Plan
  • Choosing Your PC Doctor
  • Find the Best Treatment by the Best Specialist
  • Makes the Most of Your Rx Drug Plan
  • Ensure Optimal Care, Quality Assurance, Cost Containment
  • Obtain Insurance and Medical Billing Resolution
  • Find Financial and Practical Assistance
  • Complete Applications to Ensure You receive Supplemental Services for Specialized Needs
  • [If you don’t receive the funds, the application is on us – no charge to you!]
  • Assist with the Application Process for Community Services

CSOA does this by:

  • Comprehensive Clinical Advocacy
  • Advocating for Patients and Families Facing Complex Life Threatening Illnesses
  • Providing Patient Directed Consultation
  • Providing Education and Guidance

CSOA’s Role:
We will work as your advocate, reviewing the medical records to provide you with a better understanding of your health. Our Clinical and Nursing Expertise enables you to make informed decisions that are best for your healthcare needs. As your team member, we communicate with your physician to promote optimal care for each specific disease process. We will research treatment options and help find a physician or specialist in your area, to best suit your needs, as well as assist you in securing an appointment.

If you are a caregiver, feeling overwhelmed, alone, and would welcome support from others who understand exactly how you feel…. this is the place for you!

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Coaching for Caregivers is a nationwide  Support Group from the Comfort of Home.

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