Care Managers

Lori Greenhill RN BSN - The Caregiver Coach will help you with:

 Care Coordination

  • Equip you to understand and manage the medical bureaucracy
  • Research hospitals, skilled nursing facilities and nursing homes
  • Find community resources
  • Coordinate caregiveing resources
  • Stay safe in the hospital
  • Establish A Disease Management Plan
  • Establish successful medical communication
  • Obtain the correct diagnosis and treatment
  • Evaluate health information on the internet
  • Make the most of your Rx Drug Plan
  • Obtain insurance & medical billing resolution

Clinical Advocacy

  • Thorough review your medical and medication records
  • Research your symptoms to find a correct diagnosis
  • Prepare annotated clinical summaries for use with your physician
  • Provide research based evidence to help you understand your condition and determine treatment options
  • Help you to get appointments with  specialists
  • Consult with specialists who may be able to help
  • Develop a Personalized Plan

CSOA does this by a thorough, patient directed intake consultation to:

  • Assess your situation
  • Establish  your goals
  • Ensure comprehensive clinical advocacy
  • Ensure Optimal Care, Quality Assurance, Cost Containment

Our Care Manager Services are designed to help families:

  • Find solutions
  • Manage care and communication needs
  • Master the learning curve
  • Become your own best advocate


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