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RosewoodManorA Buried Body Behind Assisted Living Facility

The owner of Rosewood Manor, an assisted living facility in Nicholls, GA, surrendered her personal care home license after a body was found buried in a shed on the property.

After receiving a tip, investigators went to the facility to question the caregiver. The caregiver admitted there was a body buried in a shed. The caregiver was arrested and denied bond.


The caregiver is a mother of two children and held a practical nursing  license (LPN) issued in 2004 and expired March 31, 2011. However, her license was

  • Suspended January 14, 2008 after pleading guilty to a burglary charge in April 2007
  • Reinstated with a five year probationary period in June 2009
  • Listed as "probation-lapsed" on the Secretary of State's website due to the last renewal date being on March 26, 2009*
*Nurses presently renew their license every two years in Georgia. However, personal care and group homes are not required to hire a nurse to work as as a caregiver.

The assisted living facility remains temporarily closed while the investigation continues into what really happened at Rosewood Manor. An autopsy is being conducted to identify the body which investigators believe was a man that resides at the facility.

While the death of a resident is the ultimate tragedy of this story, there is much to be gleaned from this incident.

First, as a facility owner, it is imperative that the magnitude of taking on the responsibility of others' care be realized! The clients must be taken to their physician appointments and medical tests, as well as have their prescriptions filled in a timely manner while maintaining client safety as a top priority.images (2)

Secondly, a facility owner should have a thorough understanding of all the regulations related to their facility. With this in mind, it is imperative that home owners maintain a complete employee file for each individual working in the facility. Of utmost importance is the background check prior to offering a job opportunity to someone.

In this case a background check would have revealed the caregiver's previous criminal history of burglary which resulted in her nursing license being suspended

Thirdly, a facility owner should ensure the employees have adequate training and maintain up-to-date CPR and First Aid training. Training should also include the facility's protocol for proper documentation, appropriate communication between caregivers for continuity of care, medication assistance, and infection control.

 Lastly, families need to educate themselves on the type of care each facility can legally offer and of each Threefacility's state inspection results, to include the number of complaints filed and the associated outcome. This knowledge can be obtained from online research or hiring a Nurse Care Manager to help/assist with making informed decision to ensure your loved one receives optimal care! Families also need to vigilant by visiting their loved one often, to include unscheduled visits to observe the facility's day to day activities. It is a good idea to visit many facilities unannounced prior to determining the best accommodations for your loved one!


Different types of facilities include (and vary from state to state):

  • Independent Living or Boarding Homes: These types of facilities currently are not regulated by the state of Georgia. The client must be completely independent. The facility usually does offer meals so that the client does not have to cook for themselves.
  • Personal Care Home ( 6 beds or less): Care is provided in a residential type setting. No skilled or hands-on care, such as dressing changes, checking a blood sugar, and/or administering medication. is permitted. Only assistance with a blood sugar check or taking medications should be provided. These types of facilities provide caregivers for 24/7 oversight, supervision and assistance to clients. However, the caregivers typically have no license, such as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) or Nurse (RN or LPN), and their experience providing care can vary greatly.
  • Group Home (7 or more beds): Care is provided under the same parameters as a Personal Care Home. (See list above)woman_w_coffee-150x150 However, please note that if a group home or assisted living offers "Memory Care" services or a "Memory Care" unit, additional regulations related to client care is required to be followed in the state of Georgia.
  • Assisted Living: Up until July 2012, facilities with "assisted living" in their name were also licensed and regulated as a personal care home. After July 2012, the state of Georgia implemented specific licensing and regulations for these types of facilities. Additionally, if a facility does not hold an Assisted Living License, they are required to remove "assisted living" from their name.  Assisted Living facilities have an on-site nurse, typically an LPN, CNA's, and Medication Tech's. However, these facilities are limited in the types of hands-on, skilled care that they can provide.
  • Nursing Home: In a nursing home, clients must meet a certain level of care (LOC) in order for Medicare, Medicaid, or private insurance to pay for the in-patient stay. This type of facility employs RN's, LPN's, and CNA's as well as other support staff. Of course in a nursing home skilled, hands-on care and medication administration is offered.

As one can see, navigating healthcare can feel like being in a maze with no directions or map. There are resources available to help families ensure their loved one receives optimal care. It definitely takes a team effort on the part of the entire family, but locating the right care in the right facility is obtainable!

CSOA's RN's would be more than happy to assist families and caregivers with the vigilance and knowledge needed to make an informed decision for your loved ones. Initial consultations are at no charge.


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